Monday, 1 May 2017


Weather was looking pretty sour leading up to it, but it held off until the cool down which was ideal. Warmed up with the boys, genuinely laughed the whole way round Will had me in tears. Got some strides done, although they weren't too quick, had that all too familiar post-ferny feeling, but it went away after a few.

Lesley had us all confused so no one knew how many 800s or the recovery distance, but that's just part of the package down at DMAC. Decided on 5 and 400m jog in the end, but started at the top of the hill, the focus was on getting them done quicker. That meant the recovery pace was a touch less fierce than usual which is always nice to see. 

For starters, definitely had one too many smashed avos on toast for lunchies so was feeling a bit heavy as you do. Wind was somehow in our face the whole way round despite the sharp turn 400m in. Kept the warm up shirt on for the first, but ditched it once I found a rhythm. Trained with Jasper, Will, JB and a couple of the young guns who were doing one less rep. 

2:30, 2:28, 2:27, 2:32, 2:31

Last couple were seriously tough, thinking I was gonna have sub 2:30 in the bank for the 5, but didn't happen in the end. Amazing how similar Jasp and I are at the moment, he agreed to a fifth rep so I led the first half, he kicked home nice and strong, but I was done. Thankful I didn't have to get it done solo though. 

13.2km all up with an easy cool down. Talking about the difference in pace between the track and outside with Jasp, on a still day we reckon 4 seconds per 400m on the flat section when working hard but it really depends. Just fixed that puncture for the 300th time in 4 days, probably won't hold lets be honest. 

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