Monday, 8 May 2017

Monday Monas

The whole world knows the drill by now, I was hoping for 6 x 1km but it wasn't to be. Trained with Jasp, Liam, and the orienteering guy who's sub 35, 10km based. Found myself out the front on most of the longer reps which was great to see and ended up finishing really strong as well so I had a great session.

1:50, 1:51

70, 66, 70, 69

29, 30, 33, 27

Didn't time the 1s but they felt fast. 600s were both uphill as well so I reckon the effort equivalent was well below 3 min/km pace considering that'd be a 1:48. All on the outside loop as well so all things considering I'm running faster than ever before. 14.8km all up, don't think I'm gonna double ride this week because of the race on Saturday, but I'll still get 50k done this arvo, maybe more if I'm feeling okay at 40.

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