Thursday, 4 May 2017

triple collat

Woke up feeling like I'd just done 10 400s the night before. Considered hopping downstairs for brekky but chucked the kit on and got out for a ride.

Managed the 30km Charman road loop in 58:30. Pretty still day, but it was freezing again. Heard the weather is nice in Queensland, don't know if anyone can confirm?? Felt really strong on that ride, all solo as well. Then met up with JB, Jase, Sammy and Simon for the regular Thursday evening easy run. Ended up with 11.2km in 50:30, about 4:30 pace. Great run, again felt really strong which surprised me a bit as I thought the legs would be shaky from the ride. Did 3 x 60m strides to finish off.

Then did the majority of Anna's strength session. Haven't done it for a while so I reckon I'll be pretty sore tomorrow, but hopefully it's not too bad. Skipped the ab stuff as I've done more than my fair share of that recently and couldn't face the 8 minute combo of planks and side planks.

Ran into Chris Hibbert on the way out so had a chat with him. Had a reminisce on sessions gone by, but hopefully will catch up for a run with him soon. Got home and smashed down dinner and half a block of chocolate convincing myself the magnesium will help the legs tomorrow.

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