Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sinking 3s

Out for a sporty little ride just before lunchies. 16km averaging just over 31. Got home hung the bike up and nearly fell over blood sugar felt so low. Got in and grabbed some food before heading out in the evening for the normal easy run. As I'm keen to keep two days on the bike, decided a mid-week long run wouldn't be a bad idea to start doing. Plan was to go to 15km, but ended up doing just over 13.2 at 4:38 pace. 

I'll build up slowly over the next few weeks, but it'll probably be around normal next Thursday as Cruden Farm is well on the way. Finished off with some real quick 60m strides with Sam and Jasp. Speed isn't too shabby these days. 

Backed it up with an hour of strength. Really tough as always, pretty tired right now Friday morning, but I'll just get a little ride done early this afternoon. Hills tomorrow. 

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