Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Had a genuinely great chat with JB out the back on the warm up and during the strides. really chilly again although the sun was out which was nice. Option was 12 x 300 on the track or 10 x 400m on the outside. Chose the latter because I still gotta watch the shin. With JB on the inside, Chris W not training and Jasper and Will having raced today, I trained with the Div 1 girls. Kept the recoveries slow, but kept the reps quicker than last week when we did the same thing. 

75, 74, 69, 72, 71, 68, 72, 71, 67, 70

After warming up properly after the first rep, I thought I was on for all sub 72. Gawd end of the second one though car pulled out in front of me without looking, genuinely oblivious. Would've been at least 71 as well I was rolling along nicely. 

15.2km all up, great run, knackered now. 

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