Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Major variety

Exactly the same session as last week, except under Trev's watchful eye. Felt good but weird I dunno how to describe it.  Once I got running fast, everything slotted into place. Distinctly better than last week which is great to see. I don't know if that's improvement or maybe just learning how to run that individual session. Either way looks good on paper.

48.5, 50.1, 49.2, 48.9, 49.9, 49.3, 49.5, 49.3, 50.0, 49.0, 48.6, 46.5

12km all up. Pretty nervous about this week's race. 16km cross country, furthest I've ever raced. The plan of trying to feel fast, but strong at halfway has been working this season so I'll stick to it. 8km in though gahd, if I negative split it'll be a christmas miracle.

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