Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Rolling and 300s

On the bike yesterday. Got into it after 10k or so. Ended up averaging 32 on a very still day not much wind at all. 50km, no double and a decent nap was just what I needed to be honest.

Woke up early and got down to the high school for a bit of cross country coaching. Amazed me how many rocked up I was expecting a max of 10 and ended up with a minimum of 30 easy. They're demolishing the year 12 centre at the high school as well as a lot of memories at the moment. Gahd if those walls could speak they'd have some stories to tell.

Nice night at training. Track based once again which I swear is weird. Lesley normally loves the longer sessions at this time of year. This one was brutal though, 12 x 300m with 100m jog recovery which took us just over a minute each time. Didn't think it'd be too bad but when I hit number 8 and 9 it got really tough.

I tired to do some high knees in the recovery after the 8th just to try and stretch out a bit. Couldn't get them anywhere near hip height the lactic was so heavy.

48.8, 50.7, 48.8, 50.6, 49.3, 48.9, 49.2, 50.5, 50.2, 50.6, 51.7, 49.5

Some solid times I reckon, but I've never done it before so I couldn't say. Jasper had a ripper session, I was barely hanging on. I don't think he went over 50 seconds the whole way round. 12km all up.

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