Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 x 400m

Another chilly night. I'm needing a faster warm up as it gets colder otherwise the first rep is so average. Felt so good though to be honestly, just one of those days I felt smooth, fast and easy. Did some strides, got amped up and started off on the track. Each with a 400m jog recovery between.

First rep felt so hard I was questioning how I was gonna get through. After 3 things slotted into place and I could focus on pushing rather than getting up to speed.

69.4, 66.8, 67.1, 65.5, 65.5, 65.0, 64.9, 63.5, 64.5, 62.2

Over the moon at the end, although felt like I was going to be sick after the 9th. Liam put down an insane 56s last rep, I honestly don't get how he does it. Unreal.

Jogged the cooldown with Will, talking all things MCK based for 14.8km all up. Writing this now, just got hit with the most messed up cramp in my hammie. Genuinely terrified to move my leg atm, that hurt so much. Means I worked hard though so I'm secretly stoked.

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