Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Warby stitch up 2017

Sorry for the delayed blog post, the internet was seriously struggling in the forest, but to be fair probably had to do with my awful pacing of data usage over June. 

Saturday morning was the tradish time trial and the usual sick joke of a warm up hill. Loads quick ditched the hill, drove to the start and warmed up along the trail, but luckily yeah the boys got it done which was elite. Real chilly so did more than my fair share of strides to get the blood pumping and set out. Muddy trail with a 180 degree turn at 1500 meant that I was full of excuses as soon as we finished.

Actually loved every second of it. Half led the first km, before giving it up to Liam and Denyan at halfway. Lots of change at the front, before half pulling myself together and claimed 2nd place in 9:58. Wasn't happy when I saw it, but an extremely thorough investigation revealed that the course was indeed 120m long, so I was over the moon and checked my split which was 9:38 so way happier with that one, 26s faster than last year so everything is looking up.

Properly warm after that one so jumped in for 6 x 1 min hard, 1 min easy with the boys. Felt great and hit some quick reps with slow recoveries which was ideal. Managed to get away from everyone up until number 5, where I was hurting and Jasper's speed had me just hanging on.  Jogged some extra cool down for 14.5km all up. 

Sunday was long run morning so down by the river then up the hill to the aquaduct trail. Favourite run of the year by far, I just love everything about it. It's not as tough as Ferny, but the hill is over 1500m and steep. Somehow escaped Denyan up it which was great and got a solid gap which held before chilling at the top and waiting for the squad. Rest of it was aquaduct based with Katie and Denyan before doing a bit extra and coming home. I was pretty keen to get back for the first shower, so rolling along nicely solo hitting a 3:50 and another just under 4. 21km in 1:35:30 and 81km for the week off only 5 days, not too shabby at all ngl. 

Had an exam early Mondee morning so had to miss the usual morning Monas. JB had one as well so ended up hitting Caulfield racecourse together and got it done. Unfortunately it had just rained so with long grass and shoes heavy, mom's spaghetti,  the cadence was tough to get up, Covered 5.3 in the 20 mins with some real solid reps. Cooled down 4km for 11.6 all up. 

Today was 50km ride with Sammy, first half was real quick before I called the headwind wrong and realised it was a proper slog back home. Bike computer lost the plot as well, so didn't get the time. Great ride though felt properly tired afterwards. 

Bundoora cross country this weekend, 10km and pretty hilly, but looking forward to a good run. Gotta clean the spikes though they're a mess after Cruden. 

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