Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ill behaviour

Yeah so smashed down the food to make sure I was feeling solid, genuinely addicted to chocolate at the moment it's not great, but so good at the same time. Still ended up feeling a bit shaky but I reckon it was the nerves this session just hurts so much.

Same as last Wednesday, 10 x 400m with 60s standing recovery. Just myself, Jase, Eamonn, JB and Jasp on the track. Jasp has been injured and JB only did 8 which killed me, I needed him so bad those last 2. Worked hard the whole time. Needed 1 to warm up properly and the 8th I was thrown into the lead by accident so the first 200 was slow.

Pretty keen to work on my finishing speed, it'd be great to get closer to 60 flat on that last one. Still, definitely more consistent than last week. I'll have a look at the summer season's times to see if I'm looking stronger.

68.9, 66.6, 66.6, 66.5, 67.2, 66.2, 66.1, 68.4, 66.7, 64.9

11.2km all up, tired now and everything hurts. Need to roll and stretch tomorrow I've been slacking a touch.

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