Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Acceleration session tonight on the outside, race on Saturday so not quite as brutal as normal. Still hit it pretty quick though, recoveries were insane. Ran with Liam and Jasper, so happy with our little group at the moment the competitiveness is huge and it's helping us all.

Just the 4 laps, 400s were between 72 high and 76 up the hill and meant to be at a steady pace. Didn't time the 200s but I'd guess 33s. Got around 4.8 in 17:30 so 3:39 average with some slow jogs in there, but some quick threshold sections to make up for it.

Finished off with 3 x 90m strides on the track. Honestly felt so fast and so strong. Looking forward to this Saturday effort, but two exams to get through in the meantime. Still gotta clean those spikes. 12km all up.

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