Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bundoora 2017

Definitely ran the whole thing with my heart and none with my head. Had a lot of energy on the start line and set off keeping with where I'd want to be, turns out everyone else went out too hard as well so that definitely didn't help my cause. Didn't look at the watch splits at all and got through the 2km lap feeling solid. Very hilly course.

Then coming up the hill 4km in I started to feel the pinch a touch, but once I'd committed, there's no way I could just let it go in case miracles happened. Unfortunately they didn't, but went through 5km hurting. Held myself together with Denyan until 7km while JB went past at 5 having run a much smarter race. Then absolutely died, no other explanation for it. Easily the hardest race I've run this season and maybe ever. I was in so much pain, for the final 3km it was embarrassing. The hills, I just had nothing left in me. 

I tried to focus on cadence, but the legs were so heavy. Came over the final hill and through the mud to finish in 37:07 for just over the 10km. I think I split 36:40 or something. Absolutely dead on the line, walking hurt so much. Managed to jog a cooldown with Eamonn and Denyan. 

Having a look at the watch now, turns out I split 17:30 for the first 5km and 19:30 for the second, bloody hell that is a seriously rough race. 

Pretty disappointed in myself actually, just gotta think for 2 seconds instead of getting caught up in the hype. That course is merciless though it's a fact. Next race, I'm definitely sticking with the plan to feel fast, but strong at halfway, then I can work well instead of losing the plot. 

Woke up really sore in my quads, glutes and back so decided to rest up so I can hopefully get back at it Monday night and start the week well. First shift of workies today, everything seems to be looking up, just needa get my head back on my shoulders and a seriously big night.

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