Sunday, 17 July 2016

Albert Park 10km 2016

Bit of a disaster from the start. Set my alarm for 6:30 but must've fallen back asleep, regained conciousness at 7:10 and had to get ready in 5 minutes. Somehow pulled it off without forgetting something. 

Arrived and warmed up with most of the squad. Just a 2km jog before putting on flats and heading over to the start line. Gun went and it was pretty packed, stuck with JB weaving myself through the crowd. Didn't feel warmed up enough to be honest and a touch uncomfortable with the pace. First km split only a 3:26 but I was feeling okay all of a sudden. Continued to move up past the keen starters but JB got away from me. 

Around the turning point still in a pack straight into the headwind, didn't feel it too much on the first lap as I had some shelter. Started hurting at about 6km. Just dropped off slowly but not too many people went by. Back into the headwind and my pace struggled badly. Couldn't get going and felt a good run slipping away. Last km just hurt so much until I managed to wheeze my way across the line. 

Time was 35:48 so not ideal to be honest. A whole minute slower than last year so I'm fairly frustrated and disappointed especially as I did a bit of a taper. I've decided to just enjoy the training, keep it consistent and let the times come. Ran well last week so I think I just had an off day. It happens, so really looking forward to start training again now with an eye on track season. 

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