Sunday, 15 October 2017

Melbourne Half-marathon

Wasn't too sure what to expect to be honest, but poor timing of the toilets meant no warm up and a quick jump of the barrier to get closer to the front in 11,000 people. To be fair I did line up for the toilet 40 mins before the race that was a stressful wait.

Got out okay I was fine once I was running. Had my eye on 80 mins and the first km was a bit slow, but I was more focused on just getting through 10k feeling alright. Dropped my gel on purpose about 5km in, it was getting annoying and sweaty and just wanted it gone. Overtaking people up until about 6km then settled in with a guy. Went through the Glenhuntly drinks station and got a big yell which was great. Stayed with that bloke until about 10km where I realised I could definitely go a bathroom break right now. Decided against it I was going to lose too much time.

Hurting a bit a 12km but still felt okay, just heavy. Settled in with a group from then until about 16. Defintely hurting from 14 onwards. Just real sore, managed to keep myself together though, I didn't blow up which was great. Just so mentally difficult. Group went on at 17, but they were a bit eager so ended up reeling them all back in. Closed it out nicely, just hurting way too much. MCG finish was great, got over the line and quads were a mess and everything just really sore. So so tough honestly. Ended up with 82:30, 74th place and I'll take it to be honest. First half marathon so I didn't have huge hopes for an insane time, but I'll definitely take that one. Got some huge respect for those silly distances, just unreal.

Some lessons for next year. I'll try and spread them out a bit, I'm definitely keen to keep some speed for the track.

1. Maybe potatoes instead of pasta the night before, I really reckon 80 mins could've been on if it wasn't for me needing to shit.

2. Gentle jog before we leave the house might also help with this.

3. Get a preferred start through aths vic. Should've done this in all honesty, and it would've meant I could've warmed up easily.

4. Take a gel, practice taking it and running fast at the same time and have a good system for carrying it that isn't annoying.

5. Better prep, missed a few long runs and didn't have the most consistent few months leading into it with achilles problems, getting sick and messing with the training schedule. Getting those things closer to right would definitely leave me with more confidence and a better base. 

Saw loads of people with those 4% shoes, don't know if I rate them to be honest they definitely feel like a pay-to-win kind of thing especially as that 2:00:25 was as unofficial as it gets. Maybe I'm just salty about losing to people with them, but it does seem like a bit like that banned swimsuit a few years back.


  1. Congrats jack, you killed it! Looking forward to reading your next racing blog post. I'm using your tips for myself

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