Sunday, 29 October 2017

Caulfield Threshold

Everyone was racing during the day Saturday and I had work. Hills felt like too much of an early wake up especially with no one to run with. So slept in a bit more and got down to Caulfield racecourse for a tempo.

Definitely thought it would be easier than it was. Windy and humid but amazing how much the grass slows you up as well without spikes on. There was a headwind for about 1km each lap and a tailwind for about the same. Did 3 laps so spot on 7km which is the furthest I've ever done a tempo. 27:00 was the time on it, nothing special in all honesty. Jogged just over a lap cool down for 12.3 all up.

Training on the grass was great though, didn't feel sore at all for the rest of the day just fatigued. Despite it being slower, definitely feel like the grass helps more with strength.

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