Friday, 14 April 2017


Wednesday night was a classic case of distance Monas, just wanted to get through it last time, but with myself, Jasper and Will training together, it was definitely set to be faster. Had a great session. Jasper was a few seconds ahead on the longer reps, but I was so happy with my 400s as they normally lag into the high 70s when I'm solo.

600s - 1:55, 1:59
400s - 1:14, 1:11, 1:13 (uphill so happy with that). 1:12
200s - 31, 32, 31, 32
Didn't time the 100s

Cooled down with Will for 14.8km all up.

Yesterday got out on the bike for the sunset. Got myself out to Mordialloc and back with the intention to go to the strength session straight afterwards, but got home and dinner looked way better than calf raises so called it a day at 47km. Definitely rocking and rolling along beach road these days.

This morning woke up for a bit of a double despite it being a Friday. Jogged for 10 mins and got about 2.2km then got the bike out for 16km with Dad. Not before falling off though due to not being able to get my cleat out fast enough. Pretty knackered now and about to do a major stretch and roll to hopefully feel a touch more sprightly for hills tomorrow. Both ankles feeling great.

Also forgot to mention I grabbed some new shoes on Tuesday. Nike structures. Nike never gave me troubles back in the day so I reckon I'll stick with them for a while now, they feel really sturdy which I rate despite being lighter than my NBs.

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