Saturday, 22 April 2017

Jells Park Relays 2017

Realised yesterday that cross country is 100% my favourite season of the 2. Vic milers is great, but shield genuinely sucks compared to the atmosphere at XCR races. Had a great time racing and talking to everyone.

Rocked up real early to grab my number for the season and get sorted. I was put on the Div 3 men's side, first year not running as a junior so some of the individual distances are gonna be quite a handful.

It was Beau, Eamonn, myself, Daniel Heath and Matt Heislers running in that order. 6km legs made up of 2 laps, just like normal. I was pretty unsure how I was gonna go due to not feeling 100% the two days prior. Eamonn finished the second leg in 9th place for Div 3, handed it over to me and I got going. Decided to go out steady, I know all too well about the hills and its better to feel good half way than to be a one lap hero.

Did just that and split halfway in 10:32, pretty wet down the hill but I had spikes so it was all good. Started to hurt at about 4km, kept the fifth strong but gahd that last one was tough. Ended up with a time of 21:16 so quicker than last year which I'm stoked about. Got us from 9th to 4th in my leg and we ended up coming third overall. Somehow I was the fastest Div 3 and ran faster than half the Div 2 guys so I reckon I'm on for a Div 2 run at Sandown and the individual races.

3 weeks time is Wandin Park and I've got 8km now as open. That course is so hilly it's not even funny so we'll see how it goes.

Got down to Ferny creek for a longer run this morning. Still knackered from yesterday so had 1:25 for the 16.5km, hills were tough as like nomral, but most of everything else wasn't too bad.

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