Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Double struggle

Ankle pulled up at but sore after the Monday session. Shin feels fine but the tendons around the ankle just felt a bit inflamed. I think I stepped up to 5 days a week too fast.

Haven't run since but got in some really good work on the bike. Tuesday was 50km, then Wednesday got up early for 30km in the morning, then 30km in the afternoon. Great rides although traffic picked up at the end of both of them dropping the average speed down.

Just did 16km on the bike this morning and am about to go and see the physio for a catch up. Ankle isn't inflamed or sore anymore which is great. Think I'll probably double up again today and go for an extremely gentle run in the evening. Just did too much running too soon I think, but all good, I'll take it slower this time around.

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