Thursday, 27 April 2017


Cold, wet and rainy Wednesday so took a while to warm up. Kept the trackies on in the warm up first time this year it had to happen soon. Heard it was 10 x 400m on the outside for me so kept the top on over the singlet it was that cold. I love cotton.

Trained with Will, Chris and Jasper while the rest of the squad stayed on the track. Had a great session despite a slow start. Really worked hard to keep the reps fast especially in the back half. 400m jog recovery was pretty generous but I think Lesley wanted them fast. 

1:15, 1:18, 1:08, 1:13, 1:14, 1:07, 1:11, 1:11, 1:05, 1:11

That second one was as average as it gets but there was a few bodies in the way as I recall. We came up with more than our fair share of excuses for that one, pretty happy with our efforts up the hill as well kept them nice and strong. 

15.2km for the night. Was dreading the ride home in the wet but got a blessing and a curse, puncture as I was just around the corner, so jumped in with JB for the drive home. Tried to change tires but turns out my spare inner tube also had a hole so pretty glad I found that out sooner rather than later. 

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