Thursday, 16 March 2017


Ran on Monday night at training. Almost everyone was just doing an easy run due to the Vic Milers race the following day so just hopped on board. Ended up with 9.6km feeling really good.

Then yesterday rode up to Duncan McKinnon after uni for a solo session. Did 8 laps of Duncan alternating between one lap easy and one lap fast. Ended up training way better than I thought I was going to. It's a pretty good run that one because it's not as mentally difficult as a session, but it's still really tough as it is almost 5k of hard work.

Km splits in the 1200m loop - 3:25, 3:23, 3:17, 3:20

Overall times for the 1200m - 4:07, 4:04, 3:59, 3:58

Called it at that and cycled home quick before it got too cold.

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