Monday, 14 August 2017


Saturday morning was back at Karkarook parkrun. Ran there, and felt the achilles hurt a bit on the warm up but once the blood was pumping I forgot about it. Did the 5km race, a guy hung with me for the first half but he dropped off just after 2km so the second lap was 100% solo. Ruined the time a bit I reckon, turned into more of a tempo instead of a race. 17:07 I'll take that.

Sunday got a lift to ferny with Jasper. Definitely felt the achilles at the start and began to worry a bit. It warmed up okay but the rest of the day at work wasn't pleasant walking around. Bit of a middle ground time for it to flare up, nothing soon but half-mara in 8 weeks. Did the 1 hour 40 and got 20.7, hills are still there and still tough.

Stayed on the bike today 30km, the achilles only hurts when I have shoes on or when I run barefoot. Very strange but physio on friday. Got my running record back from lesley and trev today. They don't rate the bike that much but they did take into account about what I told them instead of the normal more k's recipe. 

They're thinking slowly move the long run up to 2 hours, get thursdays up to 75 mins and slowly phase out the tuesday bike and replace with a very easy run on grass. All very fair I reckon, so we'll see how we go. Gonna talk to the physio about it as well and maybe get some basic strength stuff to do for injury prevention. Rolling is definitely helping as well as the core and arm stuff I'm doing. 100% main thing for me though is the mental side, not worrying about times, enjoying the grind and staying relaxed is what I'm keen to do. 

Seeing the physio friday, just stay relaxed for now, ice up, roll and hopefully it comes good.

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