Thursday, 8 February 2018


Well everything seems to have settled down and fallen into place this past week. It's a good feeling knowing all that's left to do is the simple stuff.  

Sunday morning woke up early and jumped on the bike with Dad. 67km rode to ferny creek and back not feeling very tuned up. Base fitness wasn't bad though and got up the 7km climb strongly albeit still being very tough. That evening decided to test the knee so ran 5 laps of Duncan just very easy and it seemed okay, so that meant training was a go Monday night.

Vic Milers mile champs were on Tuesday so most of the guys were just jogging Monday. I did timed Monas and trained so well out of nowhere covering just under 5.4 solo in the 20 mins. No idea how that happened, 5 days of resting the knee must have done me wonders. 13.6km all up

Tuesday night rode to Mordy and back and tacked on a little at the end. Ended up with 52.5km in 1:45:00, but the traffic up North road for the last 6km makes for a pretty bias average speed. I'd say up until 45 I was closer to 32km/h but I'm just being pedantic. Great ride, I was pretty cooked the next morning. 

Watched the mile and a few 800s and Melbourne University. Jake was the quickest out of our group coming in at 4:24, but JB and Jasp ran solidly both with 4:34. Jase is running so well at the moment despite training with the boys in purple at Wesley he put down a 1:56 mid. 

Wednesday arvo most were taking it pretty easy after racing, but Jasper and Liam were both in it with me. I did 12 laps of 100m on, 100m off and trained real well. Hung with Liam until he stopped at 5 but Jasp pulled me though the last couple when he skipped a few so we could run together. Ran well I reckon, feeling pretty smooth but that might've been the tailwind on the home stretch. 12.4k all up.

Got some new kicks as well, the physio told me two different pairs is a must go and recommended the ON cloudflow so I tried them out and they felt golden. Bit of an obscure brand a bit like Hoka but if they do the job I'm not complaining. Although today at work saw someone rocking some ONs and he had maybe 75 years on me so I'm not sure if Nathan and Rick mixed up what I'm using them for. 

Thursday morn was with Jasp and Sam, just 10km very very light in 48:51, I was pretty sore from the day before. I'll slowly get the 15km on a Thursday back, but we'll see how I feel. Then post-dinner jumped on the bike for 16km and did the same Friday morning which brings us up to date. Lots of running to come this weekend. 

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