Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Sunday morning decided to ditch ferny and run along the beach with JB, Jasp and Erica. 21.1 done in just under 1:38 (4:38s). Great long run although definitely felt the concrete towards the end. I'll try doing an 1:45 at Ferny creek after these races within the next few weeks.

Training on Monday was 6 x 3 mins hard with 1 minute jog and the wind was next level. It was in your face for a good 500m on each lap and as JB pointed out we did start in the worst position to catch it on each effort but there you go. Ended up running well though just over 6.2 done in the 23 mins. But without that wind I reckon I would've made it 4 or 500m further. 13.4 all up.

Decided on a perfect 40km loop that will be my Tuesday regular from now on. The wind was trying to hold on from the night before which didn't make it easy, but in all honesty my legs were out of it after the workout. Lots of stretching before workies, last sesh tonight before Tuesday race.

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