Saturday, 10 February 2018

Hills and Ferny

Saturday morning got out to Jells Park. Really hot really early unfortunately but ended up training well compared to everyone else. 23:40 all up so pretty slow in all honesty but glad I went, doing something solo would’ve beaten the motivation levels. On the cooldown dehydrated as I must’ve sweated out a good few litres during the workout. I gotta try weighing before and after to see how much I lose but I dunno if it’s gonna be that hot this week.

This morning grabbed a lift with Jb and went to Ferny. Huge crowds haven’t seen this many people there in ages, from loads of squads as well. Ended up running 20k in just under 1:40 with a mix of people. Solid going, the gardens hill felt the easiest it’s ever done before which is all good news. 70 for the week, sleepy and sore atm, but I’m hoping for 6 x 800m tomorrow night.

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