Friday, 16 February 2018


Smashed a granola bar half an hour before the warm up on Wednesday and felt better for it I'd say. Lesley said 8-10 400s with a 200 jog. I settled on 10 but honestly I wish we were all given the same session and put everyone on the same page. Jasp and Liam were on the fast 300s, but hopefully they'll be back with us after states if they don't get national qs. 

On the grass track, which does have a cheeky hill in it we've come to notice and since they cut down some of the trees the wind has become a pain. Anyway trained really well, most of it solo chasing the others but a few reps with Harry. 

Lost the shoes for the last 4 which broke it up perfectly and put something back in the legs. Most of these were between seconds like .5 or so.

71, 72, 73, 74, 72, 74, 73, 72, 71, 68

Cooled down for 13km and some tight calves.

Thursday night met up with pre and post malone for a run along the beach. Ended up with 15.3 in just under 4:30s. Felt so good honestly and we picked it up in the back half. Friday was just 15km on the bike and had me feeling better after than before so ideal.
Woke up on Saturday not wanting to run but drove my lazy build down the Jells park. Huge squad, some good weather and that's all I needed. Ran really well getting it done in 22:30, all of the reps between 68 and 74. Can't wait to race next Tuesday, I really reckon I can run pretty fast. 

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