Sunday, 30 July 2017

Donut disappointment

I'll try and get these more consistent but with not much on the watch at this point it's hard to fill the space.

Thursday was 12.2km untimed, rolling around nicely but very sore afterwards I still struggle backing up the next morning after a tough workout. 3 x 60m strides to finish. Friday was 16km on the bike but definitely rode pretty hard, wanted to sweat after a pub crawl the night before.

Saturday morning gave in to some nagging and did a parkrun with Dad. Ran to the park which was 6k before doing some strides and setting off. Unbelievably windy and not very sheltered at all. Only felt like it was behind me for a 400m stretch so pretty brutal. Ended up feel like a hard threshold in the end I wasn't collapsing over the line like a normal race. The second place was 2 and a half minutes behind so bit of a weird one. Ended up with 17:39, happy with that solo and in that insane wind. Ran home for 17km all up with Dad. 5 x 60m strides at the end.

Long run Sunday, gave Will and Jase a lift up. Pretty keen to get around for 1:40. Ran with Jase for most of the way finishing the last 6k solo. I can't keep up on the track, but I definitely have him in the longer stuff. 21k in 1:40, happy with that one. Plan was to cash in on some jam donuts they advertise on the way up to the forest but for the first time in 4 years they weren't open , trust. 80.4km for the week.

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