Thursday, 20 July 2017

Albert Park 10km

Yeah so everything went to plan in the morning. Real cold and pretty windy, but I was feeling pretty good and energetic so all good news. Stuck with Liam and Jasper for the first 6km, felt pretty strong although the pace slowed  bit coming back into the headwind, picked it up after 5k and went through 6 feeling strong, but then 7 came around and I just lost the plot. Made a decision to let the group go, save myself a bit then catch them at the end, but ended up running solo for the final 3k into a headwind, hurting badly the whole way. 35:37.

Frustrated, disappointed and absolutely over it is how I'm feeling. I forgot the last time I had a breakthrough run that's left me feeling excited. Not sure what to do now to be honest in regards to training, it seems like it's taking me nowhere and just getting in the way of work and life. Decided to take a week off now and went to the snow  with the university. On the slopes for a few days, but back now absolutely shattered whole body is sore.  

Had a bit of a think and decided that the best way to get the most out of running is to not stress about it at all. I'm going to try and keep at least 2 days purely on the bike, having that 6th run the past month or so has made me very sore in the shins and toe troubles coming through. Also going to try and keep it chill, I'll work hard while I'm there of course, but drop the mental load completely. I'm no longer going to worry about making sure session times improve week to week, just going to try and enjoy it and enjoy feeling fit and healthy. Also want to try and get more involved with friends. Definitely not going to let training hard influence nights out or holidays completely. I want to be able to run or ride while away because I enjoy feeling fit, but it'll be more about enjoying cardio rather than trying to thrash myself to improve. 

I reckon despite telling myself that I know this, I don't think it's quite hit me, but I'm never gonna be as good as I want to be, it's just not possible in this sport where you can always be better. For the meantime, goals are to not worry about getting fast, instead enjoy what running gives me and to make the most of more of a mix. 

I'll be keeping it up on here though, but hopefully more photos and more chill.

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