Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Back at it X 2

Rest day Sunday due to a late night Saturday. Glad I took it though felt a lot sturdier Monday at training. Taking the pressure off completely at the moment so no times for the reps unfortunately for readers.

Session was 3 sets of 800, 600, 400. Started each one slower, built my way into it and made sure I was strong throughout. Felt so strange but pretty good without the watch, a lot less stress and enjoyed the run more I'd say. 15.8km all up.

Tuesday was 60km on the bike with Sam, he got himself a new bike and has been riding a lot more than me recently so there's my excuse for being beaten fair and square. Great ride though, headwind was absolutely brutal for 30k.

Wednesday was track night and I was pretty keen to stay well away from it. So talked to Lesley and decided on 8 x 400m with 200 jog on the outside. Went really well in the end, strong once again and got the arms moving. Felt okay at the end so decided on a 2.4km threshold. Ran well here and did time this one so 2.4 in 8:14, definitely moving okay. 14.4km all up.

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