Saturday, 14 November 2015

High- Peking Duk

So shield 5000m yesterday. The thing about shield is that they aren't particularly inspirational meets. After 4 laps of the race, there was a total of 10 people and 3 dogs on the edge of the track, so the atmosphere isn't conducive to good times unfortunately. It's good race experience though, I didn't taper and therefore wasn't expecting anything special. 

Sam offered to pace me round, on 80 seconds a lap. The first 200m felt so easy, I'm not used to track season yet. 3:19 at 1km, 9:54 at 3km. It's looking good. 3 laps left and I blew it a bit and dropped a 1:26 which was pretty gross from myself. 

Finished in 16:54 and I'm pretty content. I can build from there. Cooled down for 9km for the day. 

Ferny this morning so the P plates came in handy for the first time, hoyted Mahoney and my build up there. Pretty sore from yesterday's run so the hills stung. 

19.4 in 1:38:33. 65.2km for the week. 

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