Thursday, 21 September 2017

Rains of Castamere

15km mid-week long run like normal. Got moving along nicely in the middle section before slowing it down a bit before the end. Then 5 x 60m strides after stretching out a bit. Still doing a good amount of strength work, but finding it harder as I'm pretty sore all of the time.

Just jogged very light for 2 miles this arvo. Just pretty sore to be honest. Had a look at a few taper options for this half-mara coming up and settled on 80% mileage for the 2nd week before then 40% the week of, with a lot of rest days. My main worry is just being too sore. I think that's my problem in races to be honest, I've always got tired legs as I'm running quite a bit, I just gotta get rid of that before the important ones and I'll be golden.

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