Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Figuring it out

Could've probably used another day off on Monday, but felt so much better after not running Sunday. Trained with Will doing that same acceleration each lap tempo run. Ended up running 22:00 for the 6km, pretty similar to last week with a slower start and a faster finish. Then onto the track for 100m on 100m off for 3 laps solo. 14.6km all up.

After the plan to only run 5 days a week, settled on a sturdy strength session and a water run for the Tuesday program. Legs felt a bit jelly like before getting in the pool after the squats and calf raises, but I think building that strength will help me a lot more than the impact of easy tuesday miles. 

Water run was great. Did 2 sets of timed monas in the pool so basically 30 mins of thrashing about trying to stay afloat at different intensities. You recover pretty fast but the hear rate gets really high, a lot higher than you'd expect, so only took 15 seconds between reps. Felt so good afterwards and legs feel a lot better than they were Saturday morning even after a tough workout the night before. Happy with how the plan is going and looking forward to training tonight.

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