Sunday, 17 September 2017

Connor's run

Early night yesterday still had me wanting to stay in bed all morning. Got up and out though to do Connor's run along the beach. Starts Sandy and ends in the city. I was keen to get a strong long run in though so did a bit extra at the start, before jumping in with Sam, JB and Erika for just over 18k. Starting at about 4:10s and slowly crept down.

Honestly had forgotten what it was like to do a fun run in a non-competitive atmosphere. Had music on the water stations, people cheering us on all the time and inaccurate kilometer markers the whole package. So strange honestly I'm used to shifty looks on the start line, very stern faces of concentration and nervous laughter as people try and distract themselves from the pain they're about to experience. But everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives jogging along.

Got moving and ended up with 4:00 average for the 18.4 race. Saw a sign saying 100m to go and relaxed but it seemed to stretch on forever. Jogged back down the course for a cool down and got it at 350m from the finish to the 100m to go sign that's genuinely illegal. Ended up with 24km and 88.5 for the week. 

Fitness wasn't lacking at all but my legs are just really sore which made it hard to run faster. I'm not sure what to do about that, I'll definitely have a very easy day Tuesday, I've been on the roller and I'll stay on it most of tomorrow. 

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