Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Catching up

Right so I've been on the bike the last couple of days and according to the physio I gotta stay on it for another two weeks before it's safe to start building back up in the running. This is just a bit of a catch up for the past 3 days for the rides I've done.


30km in the morning. Not sure what time I did it in as my bike computer was messing up. Fixed that when I got home and did another 16.5km in the evening in 29:48.


Rode to Mordialloc and home for 50km all up. Had some issues as the screws in my cleat came loose leaving the cleat attached to the pedal with the shoe off of it. Fixed that when I got home and tightened up the bolts.


Got up at 6 to get in a ride before work. Amazing how many people are out riding at that time. Rode along beach road to a 500-600m hill and did 5 reps up it. Quads shot to bits by the end. 43km avg 31.5km/h. Then got out with Dad for 16.5km in 28:12. So much easier when you have someone to ride with. Averaging about 35km/h.

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