Saturday, 13 January 2018

The good and the bad

Met up with JB on Thursday morning for a mid-week long run. We ran 4:42s for 15km in some good weather with no worries.

Resting on Friday, but worked for most of the day. Saturday came with a hills session and we had quite a few up there which was great. Myself, JB, Jasp, Jase, Jake and Harry. 5 J’s is not a bad effort at all. Trained the best I’ve trained in a long time. Consistent 69s-71s up and finished with a 67 and 22:30 in the watch. Almost 2 mins faster than last week I was over the moon.

Then working later that afternoon realised my knee was a bit stiff. Stretched everything out by walking around all day didn’t help at all. Painful by the time I got home and very stiff now on Sunday morning. Genuinely no idea where this has come from, didn’t feel it a thing all on the run. Could be walking around at work a lot recently in some shoes which are a bit of a mess.

Bailed on the long run as it hurts every step when my quad contracts and when my knee bends. Feeling extremely sorry for myself at the moment as I tend to do while sore. I might start back on the bike 1 day a week because I was the fittest I’ve ever been when I was doing that. I’ll be able to work in a double or 2 on Thursdays or Saturdays much more easily as well if Tuesdays I’m cycling. Looking forward to getting back to it already.

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