Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Falls Creek

Managed a depressing finish once again to Falls Creek this time around. It was so quiet up there this time, most people are there early jan so it was just us and Melbourne track club which was pretty interesting. 

The 1k session was brutal as normal and probably went out a bit quick but averaged a little slower than 3:25s. Wednesday was 15km at around 4:35s. Those top guys are something else they just float off no worries looking like they running the same pace as me. 

400s on Thursday and but couldn’t escape getting lapped. Held myself together for a 2km tempo in 7:39, last year I was hitting 4:10s after those 4s and rating it so 3;50s we’re a dream come true.

Friday just on the bike for just under 20km very spinny then 5 strides along the aqueduct. 

Saturday came with probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my life. 5 x 800m hills. It suited me to be honest, my strength is definitely my strength and longer recoveries let me keep up with the fast girls. Next year the goal is to be able to able to beat them on all the workouts but we’ll have to see. Averaged about 3:14 for them. 

Then managed to get sick just like last year coming off falls. I don’t know how I do it but probably means I won’t be able to run the mile this year. Instead I’ll train through it to get ready for the Melbourne uni 5000 at the end of feb. 

Went to the physio yesterday to get my running form tested and apparently my left knee kind of rolls in a bit and that’s why I keep getting injured so I’ve got some exercises and they putting some foam in my shoe to activate my lower calf so if that all goes to plan this could be my year if we skip Jan and start 2018 in feb instead. 

Cold is done now so I’m back at training tomorrow. I’m just hyped to run really.

Here’s a vid that my mate made of our trip to Nepal. Some of those drone shots are pretty incredible

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