Sunday, 10 December 2017

5 x 1km

Managed a longer run on Sunday morning. Went for a bit of an explore, just over 10km and found a nice little dirt circle track which was 330m long so I thought some 1km reps could be made pretty perfectly out of that. Finished the long run feeling like everything  was coming back together. Ran about 4:30s the whole time not quite easy, but well on the way there. 

This morning did those 1kms. Unfortunately people had set up tents on the back straight of the dirt trail so I couldn’t really barge through. Cut the loop short and just had to do a bit extra to make up the kilometre each time. The bends were a bit tight though and the ankles didn’t appreciate the uneven ground so I was stoked with how I went all things considering. 

3:33, 3:24, 3:26, 3:27, 3:15

Absolutely wrecked afterwards. 2 mins walk in between each. I would’ve been able to go a bit faster earlier on considering the last one, but definitely was lacking the confidence to do so. 9.5km all up. 

Definitely realised how much I appreciate running and a lot of other things on this trip. I hate to say it, but even getting to base camp doesn’t compare to the feeling of getting a solid workout done in the morning. 

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