Thursday, 9 November 2017

VMC 3000m D race

Was nervous coming into this one. I always overthink 3000m so focused on not focusing on it. Didn't want to lead like last year, although if I had it would've turned out a lot better than 12 months ago with some not so tired legs on my side this time around. 

Warmed up with Liam who was cooling down after a 1:56 800m an hour before. Ran into Jase and one of his mates halfway round so jogged it in with them. Spikes on and did some strides before they called us over. 

There was a pacemaker who I didn't know about until we were on the line who was meant to do 75s but I was mid-pack and went through in 74 so that was a bit of a stitch up. Perfect for me though. Still lots of people everywhere through 800, then moved up a bit on the outside just before the km and went through in 3:09. Then moved up even more still feeling good. 

I can't really remember what happened here but I know 2km was 6:19 according the the guy shouting times at us. Realised I was still a bit back so went for it here caught most then was overtaken on the line for 3rd place. I'll take it. Last km was 2:57. 

Stoked with that 9:16 in the end. Lessons learned that confidence is a big thing. I definitely was low on it coming into the race, I was hoping for 9:30 at the very best, but it turned out way better than expected. Had no idea I would be able to close that fast, but there you go. Splits weren't even at all, but that's happy days because that means there's easy improvement there. All in all absolutely over the moon so happy to be confident again.

Performance of the night would have to be Jase. 8:46 at 16 years of age what a muppet. Back to training now, for 1 more week before heading to Nepal. I'll be running up there for sure but don't know if I'll be able to post here much.

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