Thursday, 16 November 2017

Last few days

Stayed off the track Wednesday night. Very rainy so got out for a tempo while everyone else was doing 300s. Mum joined me and ran for as long as she could keep up then turned around while I kept going and when I passed her on the next lap she jumped in and ran for as long as she could keep up again. 

I did 5 laps so 6km and she was running anywhere from 250 to 450m with me going at 3:35s ish. Ended up with 21:45 for the 6km. Great run to be honest, felt so much better after than before.

Thursday night ran 15km in 1:08:30 with Jasp and Jase with me for most of it. Then did a little bit of strength before calling it a day. 

Getting everything organised now. Rest day Friday before final run at hills Saturday morning then leave Saturday night. 

Got my first W on Fortnite Solos I was so happy. Solos is so much harder than squads with no one to watch behind you. 

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