Wednesday, 1 November 2017

8 x 400m

Not the biggest fan of my flats to be honest, they just don't have that pop, I feel like I sink into them too much. Might've just been the legs to be fair, but still a bit sore from Monday so didn't want to calves to suffer in spikes again. Struggled with the hayfever tonight as well so wasn't breathing as well as I'd like, but still ran okay all things considering. I really reckon 2 weeks from now I'll run this session so much faster.

1 minute standing recovery between each

68.0, 66.7, 67.5, 67.7, 66.9, 67.7, 67.9, 68.6

10.4km all up. Definitely a bit more tired as well, 1 more run tomorrow then a rest day before taper time again. 

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